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Choose Medbelle for Your Breast Enlargement in London

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From self-consciousness to difficulties finding clothes that fit perfectly, there are many reasons you may want to increase the size of your breasts. No matter your reason, Medbelle can help you safely achieve your goals and help you start living your most confident life right now.

When you choose Medbelle for your breast enlargement surgery in London, you can feel secure in the knowledge that your care is in the hands of experts at all times.

Medbelle Surgeons

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Simply put, Medbelle’s surgeons are your best and most competitively priced option when looking for breast enlargement surgery in London. Every one of the many Medbelle surgeons in London has the highest level of training available to surgeons in the UK. They are dedicated to using the most advanced proven technologies and techniques to provide you with outstanding results. More information on the Medbelle expert surgeons available to you is available at the bottom of this page.

Our Breast Enlargement surgeons in London

Foiz Ahmed

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  • Innovative surgeon with a Masters in Surgical Technology, utilising the most advanced techniques and equipment
  • Has attended international training programmes in order to be able to offer expertise in a range of cutting edge plastic and cosmetic surgery treatments

"He has attended international training programmes in order to be able to offer expertise in a range of cutting edge plastic and cosmetic surgery treatments."

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Adam Topping

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  • Active teacher of future plastic surgeons due to his extensive career as a consultant
  • Published extensively in the field of plastic surgery with numerous TV appearances

"Adam has appeared twice in Channel 4 programme ‘Embarrassing Bodies’ where he performed breast reduction surgery."

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Jonathan Britto

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  • Subspecialist training in craniofacial surgery in Paris, France and Toronto, Canada
  • Held the title of President of the Plastic Surgery Section at the Royal Society of Medicine in 2014

"Mr Britto has been appointed as the 'President of the Section of Plastic Surgery' for the Royal Society of Medicine."

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Nilesh Sojitra

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  • Honorary Senior Lecturer at The Royal Free Hospital Hampstead NHS Trust
  • Holds a seat on the committee for national selection of training of plastic surgeons

"Besides his private practice, Mr Nilesh Sojitra has appeared in several ITV and Channel 4 documentaries."

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Richard Baker

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  • Expert in the minimisation of scarring when treating patients
  • Published 16+ research papers in highly-regarded medical journals

"Richard Baker is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon specialising in hand and wrist surgery, correction of abnormalities in children and cosmetic surgery."

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Edmund Fitzgerald

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  • Was the 1st in National Selection out of 276 candidates for Plastic Surgery Training
  • Has published over 30 peer-reviewed publications and volunteers for BFIRST charity providing trauma and burn reconstruction work and training in less economically developed countries

"Throughout his career he has written, published and presented over 30 research papers relating to leading cosmetic, reconstructive, and hand surgery techniques."

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Medbelle Locations in London

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No matter which Medbelle location you choose, highly-trained staff are always there to care for your every need during consultations, appointments, or surgery dates. Your care and comfort are always the priority. This is why each of our locations features the latest equipment as well as beautifully designed interiors. Medbelle’s facilities are also conveniently located across London, from the stately Georgian confines of our clinic on iconic Harley Street to the modern Cadogan Clinic in Chelsea.

Featured Medbelle Locations in London

10 Harley Street is Medbelle’s newest clinic location. Stately Georgian architecture welcomes you to the luxurious and modern confines of our offices in the heart of London’s world-famous medical district.

The London Welbeck Hospital has been in operation for over 90 years. Located in the heart of London’s world-renowned medical district, the environment is comfortable and friendly while providing CQC registered quality care.

The Cadogan Clinic was built with the needs of you and your surgeon in mind. This comfortable private hospital is located in the heart of Chelsea and features the latest technologies and experienced staff to ensure you experience award-winning care every time.

Your London Breast Enlargement

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Adults of all ages have breast enlargement for a wide variety of reasons: weight loss, natural asymmetry, a lack of volume, and many others. In fact, this is one of the most popular types of surgery in the UK. Thousands of people have their breasts surgically enlarged with implants every year. But how is breast enlargement surgery performed?

This type of surgery involves a small incision where the breast meets the torso, around the nipple, or at the armpit. An implant is placed in the breast through this incision into a pocket created under the existing breast tissue, under the chest muscle, or a combination of the two. Placement of the implant provides volume and shape to the breast. The incision used, the placement technique, as well as the type of the implant used all produce a different final result. This means there are hundreds of variations within breast enlargement surgery so your Medbelle surgeon can tailor your procedure to your individual needs and provide you with amazing results.

Breast Enlargement in London: FAQs

Below find the most frequently asked questions from patients having a breast enlargement in London. Keep in mind your surgeon has their own recommendations and requirements for surgery that you can find out during your consultation.

  • Q: How long does breast enlargement surgery take?


    A: Breast Enlargement surgery can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours. The length of the procedure depends on the complexity of your surgery. For example, your surgery will take a slightly longer time if you include a breast lift with your enlargement.

  • Q: What should I prepare for regarding aftercare and healing?


    A: Please know each surgeon has different requirements and guidance regarding aftercare and healing. These should be taken as broad suggestions.

    Generally, you should prepare for the following after surgery:

    • You will need to be away from work for at least 4 days if your work does not require any physical exertion
    • You will need to be away from work for at least 2 weeks if your work requires physical labour
    • You need someone to take you from the hospital to your home after surgery
    • You need someone to stay with you for at least 24 hours after surgery
    • Make sure you have many pillows on your bed as you will need to sleep slightly upright at a 45° angle for the first night or two to reduce swelling

    The nature of breast enlargement surgery means your arms, chest, and shoulders will be very sensitive after surgery. Any discomfort can be managed with pain medication, however, you may have difficulties moving your torso and arms for at least a week. During this time, you must avoid reaching above your head, lifting heavy objects, or driving in order to avoid disrupting your surgical wounds.

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